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new beginnings

Blogging is not new for me. It’s not some novel concept I’m just figuring out and thought, what the hell – I’ll give this thing a shot. Quite the opposite, I’ve been blogging on and off (moreso off these days) for three years. And even when I’m not actively writing, I’m still keeping up with some pretty amazing bloggers. Some who’ve inspired me to get back into this here thing called blogging.

When I started the original Better than Botox, I was a celebrity gossip junkie who read Perez Hilton and People Magazine like they were gospel. Hell, who am I kidding? I still do. But, lots has changed since then. November 2nd I gave birth – three weeks early I might add – to a baldy we named Jamison (J) and things have never been the same. So, it was time for a new look and, more importantly, a new start for this blog.

Hope you’ll join me for this new adventure!