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right now:

  • feeling like a pretty good parent after watching this season of 16 and Pregnant. anyone else want to punch Janelle in the face?
  • getting super excited to get little man in the pool and teach him how to swim! daddy is an awesome swimmer, was the best on his team in high school, and we met when he was a lifeguard. the boy’s got it in his genes 🙂
  • dreading getting into said pool because that means putting on a BATHING SUIT. last year’s frock simply will not cut it. thinking positively: this means shopping!

  • looking for a fun place to camp this summer on the Cape. yes, I am aware that taking a six month old camping is crazzzzy but my parents did it with me and I learned to love it. hell, I even went when I was 7 months pregnant. anyone have recommendations? something by the water, obviously.
  • loving that it’s Friday and I get two whole days to spend with my boys. lots of cuddling and time outside on the agenda. hope everyone has a nice weekend!

if it’s not nailed down, she eats it…

I’ve come to the realization that the only good thing about starting off on the “thicker” side before you’re pregnant is that, chances are, you won’t throw on as much weight during the pregnancy. So, when I only gained 20 lbs. (only – I can’t believe I just said when I ONLY put on 20 lbs.) I felt grateful for my extra cushion.

Now, almost 6 months after giving birth, NOT SO MUCH.

You see, the extra cushion has taken on a life of its own. I’ll spare you the gory details of stretch marks and stomachs that resemble deflated balloons – if you’re a mom you know what I mean. But what’s the most frustrating part is that I’ve lost all the weight I gained. Meaning, even though my old pants are snug, when my fat ass jumps on the scale its the same number as before (when I actually fit in said pants).

I’m no rocket scientist but I have to believe my obsession with EATING LIKE I’M STILL PREGNANT (and using all caps) may have something to do with this. That, and the fact that I’m so exhausted from working all day, playing with J, bath time, dinner and dishes there is no way in hell I’m going to the gym. Running around for the little guy sure helps me maintain but I need some motivation.

So, in the spirit of Earth Day, I need your help Internet. I’d love some yummy healthy dinner ideas that will help this food addict with a sweet tooth and raging appetite squeeze herself into a tankini this summer without scaring the kids. Bonus points if you can dish on some healthy desserts!

Please and thank you 🙂